3 July 2011

Coorg Wedding

                            The people of Coorg are blessed by touching their elders' feet. A mother is held in the highest regard within the Coorg society. The mother is the first to bless a journeyman or young married couple. Unlike other Hindu societies, a Coorg widow may still participate in joyous occasions such as her children's weddings.She is seen as the principal figure for conducting wedding ceremonies that are conducted traditionally by elders without the participation of a priest.
A Coorg Groom in the ethnic white kuppya and the headgear during the First Day (Oorkudo) Ceremony.
The white Kuppya is worn only on marraige or death ceremonies.
It may come as a surprise to many that the Kodava(Coorg) language has no word for dowry and prostitution, both of which are absent among the Kodavas. The general level of culture and education among women of Coorg has always been higher, women know their rights and are treated well in the family. A widow may remarry, which is quite common and has always been acceptable in the Coorg culture.
Member of the Grooms party killing ( Chopping down ) mock banana trunk soldiers . A ritual at Coorg weddings.
                       Even though Coorgs are Hindus, their marriage rights are not performed by a priest. Weddings in Coorg are like something from another planet. The groom claims a bride once a member of his clan has killed mock banana trunk soldiers.  
                       The Coorg bride wears a traditional brocade sari draped in the typical Coorgi style. The bridal sari is handed down from generation to generation as an heirloom since it is supposed to bring good luck. A veil covers the bride's head. The groom wears an ornamental robe on top of a calf-length under garment. He also puts on a churidaar, fitting trousers. The turban on the head imparts a majestic look.Marriage ceremonies are performed without a Brahmin or puja. The elders bless the newly married couples.The dowry system is an unknown concept here. A unique characteristic is the serving of non-vegetarian dishes and liquor in the weddings of the Kodava community, which is rare among the Hindu community.
                             The Coorg wedding is perhaps the only Hindu wedding ceremony where alcohol, dancing and meat eating, especially pork, are a must.A traditional Kodava wedding will have all the youngsters and the young at heart attired in the Kupya dress, dancing to beat of drums. Special Pork or Pandhi Curry and liquor keep the spirits high.The Kodava or Coorgi Wedding is unique and cannot be compared with any other community in the country. This is just the breaf information and there is lots and lots more that happens on the wedding day. Following a feast, the men and women of Coorg get down to dancing, to the tribal beats which sounds to not have changed since time immemorial.

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